DS106 Assignment: The Real Life Brady Bunch

For this project, I chose to use my immediate family with our pets because we’re really close-knit. Starting from the top left corner and working clockwise, there is my older sister (Steph), my mom, O’Malley, my little sister (Meagan), Matthew, my dad, myself, and Roxie. If I had more space, I would’ve also included my grandparents because they are just as important to me. Family is my top priority so it only felt right to use them for this assignment. My family also really likes watching older shows like “The Brady Bunch,” so I think it’s especially appropriate.

This project was pretty time-consuming because I decided I wanted to trim around each photo. I had a lot of success doing this with yesterday’s Daily Create, so I knew I could handle it. Even though I used GIMP to crop the images, I haven’t figured out yet how to deal with layering them all together, so I did all of that on Google Slides, where I could move everything freely. It worked really well, and I’m especially happy with the collage’s outline. I used the reference image from the DS106 website to get the exact dimensions and then I inserted a 3×3 table and made the borders thicker so that they would match. I had already used a color picker tool to change the background color to match, so all I had to do was insert my images and crop them down so they were all around the same size.


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