Daily Create #tdc3443

This was a really cute prompt, and I had a lot of fun with it. I decided that instead of putting my own face in a flower, I would use my cat. Whenever anyone pulls their phone out and points it at him, he’ll strike a bit of a pose, so I joke that he’s my little model. He’s pretty good at it too because he’s not very active, so he sits very still and waits for you to take his picture.

This is my first time actually using GIMP for some serious photo manipulation, so I’m pretty proud of myself. My cat wearing the flower is actually three different PNGs that I overlapped so it looked like he was wearing a flower collar. To make the backgrounds of each transparent, I first had to select everything that I didn’t want to keep which was somewhat time consuming, but overall wasn’t too hard. Then all I had to do was use the erase tool to get rid of what I didn’t want. I made sure to save it so the images would continue to have a transparent background. From there, I chose a public domain image of a field of wildflowers and layered my PNGs on top of it. I played around with the opacity temporarily so I could line everything up, and once I had placed everything where it needed to go, I reverted back to 100% opacity. Not too difficult of a process, but definitely tedious, though I wouldn’t mind using this skill in the future to create new things.


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