Codecademy Evidence

Codecademy was a lot of fun and it was so interesting to see how things are made on the web. In a lot of ways, creating code reminds me of cooking or baking. The actual code represents the raw ingredients that come together to make a beautiful product. That’s kind of a lame analogy, but I think it’s fitting.

Although I’m by no means fluent in HTML or CSS, I think I have enough knowledge at this point to be able to work with code on my own. The HTML course was the hardest course, but I think that was because I was learning an entirely new language. Terms like elements, class, etc. in the context of coding are brand new to me so sometimes I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. That being said, I was able to follow the examples in most cases and make my code work right, so that was a plus. I definitely hit a few snags along the way, but most of them were typos, and it took me a lot longer than I care to admit to find and fix them. For some reason, I caught onto CSS fairly quickly, and it very well could’ve been that I had the vocabulary and skills from HTML to support this learning. Being able to tie CSS into HTML is something that will be so helpful, and it’s really cool that you can do it in so many ways. Even though you can use CSS in an HTML document, I definitely think I’ll be more likely to create separate documents and connect them by naming HTML elements in the CSS one.

I’ve been wanting to learn how to code for years, but I thought it would be extremely difficult and I was always busy doing something else. Now that I know some of the basics, I’m excited to be able to apply them in the close and distant futures!

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