WRT 304

My Description

This course has allowed me to feel comfortable creating in a digital space and to feel confident in myself online. From DS106 creations to designing my ePortfolio, I’ve been able to learn the most effective ways to use the internet and how to make things that look good and read well on the web. 

Official Description

“This course takes a hands-on approach to exploring, reading and writing in digital (web) environments. Students in the course consider ways that digital writing environments create opportunities for writers to address multiple audiences, to bring together visual and alphabetic texts and to involve readers in the construction of those texts. Students in the course develop a variety of digital texts including blogs, website and wikis. Students’ work is collected in an ePortfolio design and assembled over the course of the term. This course is an elective in the English major and minor, the Writing minor, and the Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities major.”

Work Samples

I wanted to showcase where my blog started versus where it is now. I definitely started with very little knowledge about blogging, or at least how to blog well. Oddly enough, I think my first post was pretty comprehensive and it had a lot of elements that make for good blog posting. One of the most difficult parts for me was adding images because I didn’t want to include something that was copyrighted or required attribution only to forget to add that before posting. By my latest post, I’ve figured that out a bit and decided to use my own images. I’ve continued to use headings and subheadings in my longer posts and I always make sure to bold important points to make them stand out. Regardless of how my posts look, I’ve gotten much more comfortable showing and talking about the more personal parts of my life, like how my house looks or how I’ve been feeling.