DS106 Assignment: Turn a GIF into a FIG

As I’ve mentioned in previous assignments, I don’t take a lot of videos, so finding and taking new footage is usually my biggest issue with GIF assignments. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to work very hard to set up this clip! I actually took this video of my dog Matthew today, but I’m surprised it wasn’t already in my camera roll. Ever since my family adopted him, we’ve had a pretty good laugh at the way he uses the stairs because he’s just so big and he climbs up and down with such purpose. I’ve talked about this before, but he’s a dramatic dog, very theatrical at times, and this shows in how he climbs up and down the stairs. That’s why I knew that putting this clip in reverse would be just as funny, at least to my family and me!

The process for this GIF, or FIG I suppose, was simple. To get the raw video footage, all I had to do was wait until Matthew went upstairs, make sure my camera was rolling, and then bribe him down with a walk, which is his absolute favorite activity. I only needed one take and then I used EZGIF like I have on every other GIF assignment. The only difference was that I had to use the reverse tool, but that was as easy as two clicks. I had a lot of fun making (and watching) this FIG!


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