DS106 Assignment: Photo It Like Peanut Butter

Honestly, I’ve been kind of dreading this assignment all week because I had zero ideas about what I wanted to do. Also, I’ve worked three days in a row at my house cleaning job, so my body and mind are kind of beat right now, but luckily I’ve reached my weekend. That’s why when I got home from work today, all I wanted to do was sit down with a glass of something cold and just relax for a while. I decided then that I would try turning that into a GIF.

The first thing I did was find the things I needed and space to take the pictures. My drink of choice today was ginger ale, partially because it’s almost grocery day, so there’s not much to drink in my house, and partially because I’m not 21 yet, so alcohol is out of the question. Luckily, I like ginger ale and the fact that it was the only option doesn’t diminish that for me. I decided to take the pictures on my kitchen counter because I realized that I could use the backsplash as a guide to line up each image. This was probably the hardest part for me, and even after meticulously setting up each frame, there’s still a fair bit of movement from slight changes to the camera’s position. If I had a tripod, I would have used it, because I think it would have made the GIF smoother.

Then I started the slow process of adding a few ice cubes to my glass at a time until I had filled it and then slowly pouring soda on top in small increments. I wound up with just 10 images, so I was nervous that it wouldn’t be enough, but it seemed to have worked out. I used EZGIF to compile all of the images and edit the GIF a bit. I cropped out some of the background and added text to each frame. One thing I wanted to do was make the GIF loop and reverse when it got to the end to simulate drinking. Even though it doesn’t exactly look like that, I am still happy with the overall result and I’m excited to try making more GIFs in the future.


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