DS106 Assignment: Guinness World Record REMIX

For this assignment, I really wanted to tie it into my blog project because I don’t think I’ve done that yet with a DS106 assignment or Daily Create. I chose the record “Fastest time to make a bed by an individual (single bed)” because I have made thousands of beds as a housekeeper, and as such, I’ve gotten really good at it. I’m definitely not as fast as the person who holds the record, Wendy Wall, whose time was 28.2 seconds, but I figured I could exaggerate a bit. I’m curious if there is a record for most beds made in one day because I think I’ve definitely beaten that one. The story of how I beat this record is almost entirely true, by the way, minus the fact that I broke a record. When I worked for this hotel, we were perpetually understaffed, with no more than 5 veteran housekeepers (and lots of new employees that had literally no clue how to clean despite extensive training) to clean three different hotels that our hotel managed. It was a literal nightmare some days, which is why I ended up leaving a few years ago.

Working with X-Ray Goggles was interesting, and I had no problem editing the text or understanding the code. Our Codecademy work really helped with that. However, I didn’t know how to change the image using this tool, even though I knew what I had to do. I wanted to actually embed the image in the page, but for the life of me could not figure out where to find the source. I ended up just adding the image after the fact using a photo editor because I didn’t want to mess anything up in my attempt to add it using X-Ray Goggles. Still, I’m happy with how the final product came out and how easy it was to use this tool.


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