DS106 Assignment: Comic Book Effect REMIX!

Pictured here is my dog, Matthew, sleeping almost entirely on my little sister. I snapped this photo last summer at my family’s camp right before we were about to shut the lights out for bed. Matthew was obviously exhausted, but he’s a big lovebug, and if he doesn’t get enough attention by his standards, which are extraordinarily high, he will do everything in his power to make sure he gets it. That being said, he’s a big guy who often forgets how big he is and where his body is relative to anything around him, so sometimes he acts a lot like a little dog. And that’s how this picture came to be!

So as I said, this picture is one I’ve had in my phone gallery for a while, so I emailed it to myself so I’d have it on my laptop. Then, I looked for a photo editor online that had a comic book effect, which was surprisingly difficult. I eventually found a website called LunaPic where I was able to upload my image and apply the desired effect. This website did have the ability to add text, but it was pretty limited, so I cut my losses and took my comic book image to GIMP to make a meme out of it. I chose the text “Sometimes even 70lb babies need snuggles,” and I decided to split it up a bit to fill up a bit of the dead space. I used the same font for both, but I played around with how they were presented. For “Sometimes. . .” I decided to go with a subtle drop shadow effect by copying the text, but moving it slightly over and changing the color to a dark red. With the rest of the phrase, I just made a white box and layered the text over it. I think the formatting choices I made with the text make the finished product more dynamic and ultimately look more like a comic book page, which was my intention.


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