DS106 Assignment: Color Walk Time Lines

The color I chose to look for was blue because I’m at my family’s camp for the weekend and I thought this might be a challenge. Blue is actually a pretty common color on campers and awnings, but I made a rule for myself not to take any pictures of those. Still, my color was easy to find, but as I was walking I realized the same went for every other color, so I decided to stick with blue. I found a lot of variety with this color, from garden decorations to transportation, so I think I have a pretty good timeline. The last picture is more or less a symbolic blue because of the water, but it was so peaceful that I had to take a picture and include it in my timeline.

One thing that was difficult for me was actually taking the pictures, not because I don’t know how to use a camera, but I just felt a little uncomfortable taking pictures of other people’s things. I limited myself to only take pictures of blue things when there was no one around to see me because I felt a little sketchy. I didn’t want anyone thinking I was going to steal anything or break into someone’s camper, so I tried to be as discrete as possible. I know that’s probably an irrational thought because everyone in this campground is super nice, but I wanted to err on the side of caution.

Once I had the pictures though, the rest was fairly simple. I did some light editing on most of the pictures to bring out the colors a bit more as it was overcast when I went on my walk. TimelineJS was intimidating at first, but once I figured out what to do, the process of adding everything and turning it into an actual timeline went smoothly. I had a lot of fun with this assignment (and so did my dog, Matthew 😊), so I’m really happy with how it turned out.


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