Daily Create #tdc3450

For this Daily Create, I used the random word generator they suggested, but rather than just seeing one word at a time, I chose to see a bunch of words at the same time. In doing this, I saw the word “fold” and remembered seeing “paper” further up on the page, so I decided to try out some Origami. I wanted to make the famous crane that I think is synonymous with Origami, but the only pretty piece of paper I had near me was a standard-sized sticky note, which meant I had to make my crane very tiny. I actually had my little sister guide me through the folding process because she makes them all the time and can do it without even paying attention to it. Meanwhile, even though I’ve made a few Origami cranes in my life, it’s been quite some time. It was so fun to sit at the kitchen table after we got home from work to just make paper cranes and talk about our day. When I finished my crane, I decided to put a reference object next to it so you could see exactly how small it is. That’s why there’s a Lifesaver candy in the photo, but also, I was snacking on them while I waited for dinner. I really liked how relaxing it was to participate in today’s prompt.


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