Daily Create #tdc3449

I absolutely loved this Daily Create! I had the day off from work so I wanted to do something especially creative and render a dream home of my own. I actually used the Sims 4 to “build” because there are a ton of options, and I knew I’d be able to make something that I’d love.

I looked up a bunch of house plans online, which is something I usually do when I build on the Sims 4, and I settled on this plan to reference. I followed it pretty closely, but I had to take some creative liberties with the exterior features. Turning the floor plan into a house took me the longest time to do, mostly because I didn’t realize until the end that I wouldn’t need to complete the interior. Still, picking out the windows, doors, siding, and landscaping took a bit of playing around with. After I’d finished actually creating my house, I needed to take a picture of it, which is a little difficult because you need an actual sim to take the picture at eye level. After several minutes of adjusting the character’s position, I was able to get a decent image. The original screenshot didn’t have clouds, but the space felt empty to me, so I found a public domain PNG of clouds and edited them into my image using GIMP. Overall, I had a lot of fun with today’s prompt, and I think this has been my favorite one that I’ve done!


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