Daily Create #tdc3447

In my time on the internet, I’ve seen a lot of clickbait, and I will admit, I’ve fallen into the trap more than a few times. I always thought it was sort of lazy content creation because in my head, whoever made came up with and titled it just threw a bunch of things together. I didn’t realize until I started trying to come up with my own clickbait that it’s such a difficult process.

First, I had to find an image to use, and I knew it had to be something that was either extremely weird or would otherwise entice people to click on it. I found the image of a squirrel posing in front of a camera on CC Search and knew this was perfect. Then I had to figure out a headline to put with it. I had a few ideas, from weird scholarship opportunities to strange celebrity hobbies, but I ended up landing on bizarre animal facts. I found a program that lets you create ad mockups for free and inserted what I came up with. I took a screenshot of the final product because I couldn’t figure out how to download my creation and posted it.

This Daily Create really had me thinking because I knew I had to come up with something vague and outlandish, but it’s difficult to find that line. I’m also not very good at titling things sometimes, so that was an added challenge. I’m not sure if my creation would be clickbait-y enough to actually garner any responses, but I tried my best!

Squirrel Image Credit: “Clickbait ;)” by Graham Ó Síodhacháin is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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