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Juneteenth is something I just found out about last year, which is disappointing to me. It makes me sad that this was never taught in school, especially considering I had one class in high school that focused a lot on the Civil War and it’s effects. Honestly, lack of representation is a huge problem in the education system, which is something I hope I can try to fix when I’m a teacher.

For this post, I wanted to spread a message that even though we as a society have come a long way in terms of equality, there is still a long way to go, and it’s not going to happen without everyone doing their part. I decided to quote Martin Luther King Jr. because as most everyone knows, he was one of the leaders of the original civil rights movement for racial equality. I’ve always admired him as one of the wisest people in history, which is evident in the fact that most of what he said has transcended time and is still very relevant. I overlayed the quote on top of a public domain image of people celebrating by throwing confetti, and I think the end result is really nice. Even though Juneteenth doesn’t directly affect me, and I’m not well-versed in how to celebrate it, I hope that my efforts were in the spirit of the holiday and can serve as a reminder to us all about perseverance and standing up for what’s right.


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