Daily Create #tdc3436

I’m not someone who particularly cares about the color pink, but my pug definitely does! We bought this ball for Roxie about a year ago, and she immediately fell in love with it. There aren’t a lot of toys outside the plush variety that she can actually pick up and carry around because they tend to block her nose so she can’t breathe. This ball is different though, because it’s pretty squishy and soft, meaning she can grab hold of it better. This ball used to squeak, but that feature only lasted a few days because she played with it so much. Regardless, this is still one of her favorite toys, and she likes to carry it around for a while before trying to hide it in my mom’s shoes.

I took this picture last summer because I just thought it was adorable how protective she was over this toy. It is a little fuzzy, which can be attributed to my lack of photography skills at the time, so I tried to make up for it with some light editing. I usually just edit my pictures in the Photos app on my phone, which is what I did in this case. There’s actually quite a range of options to adjust coloring, brightness, etc. and it’s totally free, which is right up my wheelhouse. I’ve tried a lot of photo editing softwares and programs in the past, but a lot of the free ones don’t have much variety in their editing options. I have some experience with Photoshop from a class I took in high school, and I like that program a lot, but I don’t have access to it anymore, and I can’t see buying it when I can do what I need to do from my Photos app.


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