Daily Create #tdc3432

I knew I wanted to participate in today’s prompt, but it really got me thinking. I don’t collect anything physical (unless you count craft materials), so at first, I was a little stumped about what I could do. However, because we’ve been talking about digital curation, I decided to take that route for today’s prompt.

My first thought was to show off all of the posts I’ve saved from Instagram because I have an abundance of those. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t tell you how many posts you’ve saved, which is what I was the most curious to find out. Then it hit me that my collection of music on Spotify is extensive, and it’s pretty easy to see when you look at my “Liked” playlist. This is basically where I put all of the songs that I want to include in a smaller, more curated playlist with other songs that I’m currently listening to. What’s really cool about scrolling through my “Liked” playlist is that I can remember all of the phases I went through from late middle school, through high school, and into college. What I mean by this is I tend to listen to one genre for a while, then switch to another, and so on. I would say my music taste is pretty eclectic considering I’ll listen to just about anything as long as the lyrics connect with me, the beat is fun to listen to, or both.

Making something for today’s prompt was straightforward. I opened Spotify and took a screenshot of my library, which has my “Liked” playlist pinned to the top. Then I cropped the image so it only showed what I wanted to show. The photo gallery doesn’t allow you to put text over your images, so I had to import it into another photo editing app to do so. I made sure to include my Twitter handle and the hashtag for this Daily Create, and then I was done. Pretty simple and only took me a few minutes after I had thought about the prompt for a bit.


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