Daily Create #tdc3425

This prompt seemed perfect for me today because I just recently started watching this show, and I’ve really been enjoying it. Community is a sitcom about seven students at a community college that are all at different stages in their lives: some are at college for the very first time while others are going back to school. Regardless of their differences in age and experiences, they all come together to start a Spanish study group and get into all kinds of shenanigans along the way. They go from being complete strangers to best friends, and despite the show having quite a bit of dark/inappropriate humor, the storyline is actually pretty wholesome.

The prompt was to summarize a TV show in one sentence, and I think sitcoms have a few qualities that make this simple. The main quality that sticks out to me is that there is a central storyline, but it’s usually just people living their lives. In other words, it’s not that complicated to describe. I like these kinds of shows because they’re easy to watch and they’re at least somewhat relatable. It’s also fun to see something new and different happen every episode, rather than the same format but different elements.


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