Daily Create #tdc3418

I felt so inspired by this prompt, and knew immediately that I had to participate. The photo I took was of a pond on my property and the dense forest behind it. I’ve always known that this was the western corner because the sun sets over this tree line, but I used the compass application on my phone to double check. I had to dodge a few snakes to actually get the shot, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

When I took the picture originally, I tried to take a panoramic shot, but I don’t have the steadiest hand and it came out blurry. I decided to use portrait mode instead because I’ve noticed that the lighting is usually better and the image is sharper. Other than that, I didn’t edit this photo at all. I played around with some of the settings, like brightness and contrast, but it took away from what I found beautiful in the original. I also thought about adding a filter, but I ran into the same problem. Eventually, I might play around with this image in an actual photo editing program, but there’s really only a few changes I would make.


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