Daily Create #tdc3413

I played around on the website for a while before I found a planet that spoke to me because I didn’t want to pick a planet that resembled the mainly blue or red planets in our solar system. I liked how different it looked from the other planets I saw with its unexpectedly playful color scheme. When I first saw this planet, the middle reminded me of the plastic anatomical models you see in a science lab, specifically the models that depict skin layers. With the rest of the planet being a subdued bubblegum pink, it’s definitely unique.

As I was exploring the tool, I was curious how many different planets you could generate using this site. Are there just enough so you rarely, if ever, see the same planet twice, or are there an infinite number of them? I also wondered about how the creator, Zarkonnen, came up with the idea for this website, and what his original intention was. It seems like a lot of people use this website to prompt some type of storytelling, but I would be interested to know if that’s why the tool was created in the first place.

I liked this prompt as I’m someone who loves finding cool websites like the planet generator in my spare time. Also, since I’m hoping to be either a high school biology or English teacher in the future, I’m inspired to use this website to prompt student engagement. I’m already thinking of lessons I could teach where students use the planet generator for creative writing, with the emphasis on world-building and setting. Honestly, the possibilities are endless!


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