Reflection on Progress

I think we’ve made good progress on the brochure thus far. I’m responsible for writing what will go on the third and fourth panels, and so far, I’ve bulleted out what needs to go on each. It’s somewhat challenging to know for sure how to format each one because we don’t have a physical template yet, but once we iron out those details, everything will be fine. I think we’re all on the same page about how the brochure needs to look and what we need to get done, but I am a little worried about how much we’ve done so far. Our notes are comprehensive, but we don’t have anything on the actual brochure yet, and I’d really like to see where it’s going and if we need to adjust anything. Since we’re remote, we have to rely on email and Zoom to get everything done, which is definitely not ideal, but I’m optimistic that it will work out in the end. I am glad this is a collaborative project because I don’t think I’d have the motivation to get anything done if I was working by myself. Group work is really helpful for keeping everyone accountable, and if it was just me trying to do everything, I’d definitely be procrastinating, especially being remote and all.

Reflection on Project

I really enjoyed this project, and though it’s not my first time making a brochure, it was my first time creating a professional-looking one. One of the biggest things I realized about brochures is that content is important, but aesthetics are equally, if not more important. Since the goal is to get someone to pick up and read your brochure, it needs to be visually pleasing enough to draw and keep your audience’s attention, while also not being overly flashy or tacky. I think this element can really separate a good brochure from a great one, especially if the content is relatively similar.

I had a great time working with my group and I thought we collaborated well. Even though we split up the work so we each had two panels to write, we decided on design elements as a team so all of our ideas were heard. When we went remote in the middle of the project, we almost immediately started emailing each other which is something we kept doing up until the morning of the presentation. We also met twice over Zoom, once as a way to see what needed to be done and a second time to finalize everything. I’m really glad we were able to communicate in these ways because it was an integral part of getting our brochure done and looking great in time for the presentation.